What is a manipulator?

The Encarta Dictionary defines manipulator as a person that likes to control somebody or something: to control or influence somebody or something in an ingenious or devious way
A manipulator is a person that falsifies something: to change or present something in a way that is false but personally advantageous


Are you a manipulator?

Are you controlling?

Are you a devious person?

Are you involved with a manipulative person?

Are you involved with a controlling person?
(Where are you? Why didn't you return my call?)

Are you involved with a devious person?

A devious person is a dishonest person that operates in falsehood to get what they want; they specialize in deceiving others.

Are You In A Manipulative Relationship? 
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Who Has Bewitched You?


Who Are You Bewitching?

Bewitch is to mesmerize, to captivate, to fascinate, to hypnotize, to beguile, to woo, to entice, to lure, to put under a spell, to deceive, to operate in falsehood, to enthral, to control, to intimidate, manipulate, to rule or take control of someone through mind binding (control)

Pause and think about that
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Are You Being Manipulated?
Are You Being Deceived?