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Taking Off The Mask With Stacey Lunsford
The purpose of sharing this topic is to assist with healing and forgiveness process on both sides of male/female relationships because too many children are suffering because mom and dad got issues; mom and dad are wearing a mask, teaching their children how to conceal, to hide their true feelings inside.

When it comes down to broken homes, whether it is divorce, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol etc, one thing is true, the shattered pieces (which represents every child that has or is experiencing rejection, fear of abandonment, low self- esteem and all that comes along with it because of their missing parent) that are forced and taught to wear a mask of deception at a young age... that robs them of their true identity and their ability to speak the truth in love because they are taught by what they see.  They see the truth but are taught to believe a lie. 

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What Is A Mask?

A mask is a covering, a disguise that helps a person conceal their identity.

A mask is a covering, a disguise that helps a person to pretend, to make-believe that they are something or somebody that they are not; an impersonator.

A mask is a covering, a disguise that helps a person to conceal their motives, their actions, their behavior, the reasons that they do the things that they do. 

Some people wear a mask to conceal that something is wrong in their lives:
emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, psychologically, etc.,  

They smile on the outside and on the inside they are silently crying.....

Some people wear a mask to avoid dealing with their problems.
Deal is capable of handling a problem, crisis or situation in a successful and positive manner.

Some people wear a mask to conceal their identity.  
Conceal is to hide, to keep something secret, to mislead or hoodwink another person.

Some people wear a mask to disguise their hurt and pain.
Disguise is to change the appearance of something or someone in an effort to conceal or cover up the truth of who they are and what they are doing. 

Some people wear a mask to conceal and cover up:
  • their identity
  • their character
  • their personality
  • their temperament
  • their nature
  • their mood
  • their hurt, 
  • their pain
  • their fear
  • their shame
  • their guilt 
  • their embarrassment
  • their woundedness
  • their anger
  • their resentment
  • their bitterness
  • their betrayal
  • their rejection
  • their deception
  • their lies
  • their abuse
  • their infidelity
  • their unfaithfulness
  • their irritation
  • their manipulation
  • their intimidation
Are You Really Who You Say You Are?
What's Underneath Your Mask

What does underneath mean?

Underneath means below the surface, to be hid under something; under a disguise, 
to be distorted, altered, changed, falsified, perverted, twisted, misrepresented.

What's underneath your mask? 
  • What are you hiding?
  • Who are you hiding from?
  • What are you distorting?
  • What are you altering?
  • What are you changing?
  • What are you falsifying?
  • What are you perverting?
  • What are you twisting?
  • What are you misrepresenting?
  • Emotional abuse?
  • Mental abuse?
  • Sexual abuse?
  • Spiritual abuse?
  • Financial abuse?
  • Psychological abuse?
  • Domestic Violence?
  • Addictions?
  • Brokenness?
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